Below are the product currently offered by Thompson Machine as well as a few upcoming products

Production is beginning of a revolutionary new upper receiver assembly for the M11/9 SMG which uses the American 180 drum magazine to convert the m11/9 smg into a 275 Rd 22LR

Cutting edge suppressors designed for sustained use at the lowest prices in the industry. Our suppressors rival the best on the market at 1/3 the cost.

Barrels for a number of popular PDWs and SMGs.

Lusa , PS90

Semi Auto parts for your MG-42 Semi-Auto build, US Made grip housings, semi bolts.

Billet replacement receiver for the FN PS90 rifle. This new receiver is machined from a 6061-t6 billet and incorporates a low profile picatiny rail

M11-180 Upper Receiver

MG-42 Semi Auto



PX-90 Receiver