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    US Made 42 semi auto grip housing.

    As most folks interested in building a semi auto mg42 type rifle are aware ATF has ruled that the build is now considered a rifle and as such must be 922r compliant and contain 10 or less imported parts. For the past 5 years it has been common practice to use the original gripstick and scap some plates on either side to hold an ar or fal fire control group.

    Besides the compliance issue the major problem with this approach is that the ariginal AR-15 and FAL hammers sits to high in the original housing and to clear the bottom of the bolt on the recoil stroke have to have nearly half their mass ground away.
    The result is the hammer simply doesnt have enough mass to reliably ignite most military primers.
    BRP has been using this approach with success in their build as they have a very light firing pin which in turn doesnt need an overly strong return spring so it works on all but hard military primers.

    Tired of not bieng able to shoot inexpensive 8mm surplus military ammo in my BRP rifle I sat down last year and designed this new housing which allows the use of a totaly unmodified AR-15 fire control group. With no loss of mass the AR-15 fcg has proven to 100% reliable in my 2 rifles with over 5000 rds of every available 8mm and .308 ammo. With over 140 of these sold as of May 2006 you can rest assured all the bugs have been worked out.

    The housing and AR-15 fcg count as 4 US made parts for your 922r compliance and will use the original 42 grip panels after a slight relief is filed on the rear top portion. All housings come hard anodized black and are ready for your grips and AR-15 fire control group. Housings will fit right on the 42 semi as buil by BRP and will eliminate your light primer strikes. These housings are also ideal for folks building semi 42 rifles from demilled parts sets.

    Anodized housing is $160 delivered conus.
    The housing in the white is $135 delivered.

    42 Semi Auto Grip Housing

    42 Semi Auto Grip Housing

    42 Semi Auto Grip Housing

    42 Semi Auto Grip Housing

    42 Semi Auto Grip Housing

    42 Semi Auto Grip Housing

    Striped US Made 42 semi auto grip housing for the original 42 grip panels $160 delivered in the continental US.
    The housing in the white is $135 delivered.

    If interested in purchasing one of these housings or if you have any questions click this link to send me an email.

    Dont forget to check out my 42 semi bolt tutorial HERE.

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