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    My Gun Projects

    Here are some pics and rambling of my semi UZI carbine build. I started with one of the parts sets from Numrich , $169, a group industries receiver shell , $30, and the semi build parts from Dand D sales $265 which includes bolt, striker , feed ramp, US trunion and stock mount. I already had new US made bbl, grips and forearm to round out the 922 r parts. Apistol build could be done alot cheaper since you could use all the original furniture, bbl and trunion, and no need to buy the semi feed ramp with a pistol. There isnt realy any savings over buying one of the turn Key Uzi's from Vector , other than they are out and no more parts sets are coming out og Isreal thanks to the UN. So currently building one from a parts set is about the only option. I didnt photograch welding the trunion , back plate and other small parts on the receiver, just in to big a hurry , but when I do another one in a few weeks I will photograph the whole process and show my welding jigs to keep the rec from warping. Here are all the major components after bead blasting, parkerizing and powder coating matte black. The grip frame has a steel block spot welded inside at the front that prevents the selector from sliding to the FA position.

    UZI Carbine

    UZI Carbine

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